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Galaxy of Giving

$25     provides snack for craft night

$50     provides a craft for 9 kids

$100   provides a monogrammed nylon travel bag for the children                   personal belongings such as clothing and pillow. Housing at St             Mary’s is temporary

            * a new book for library 

$250    provides two months of crafts and healthy snacks 

                   * a new book for the library 

$500      provides two special outings, tickets and lunch 

                   * a new book for the library 

$1000   provides wish list such as BBQ grill, outdoor table & lawn                            furniture for all campus to share

                   * a new book for the library 


OR create an amount 
* dedicate my donation in honor or memory of someone 
** in lieu of bday gifts - donate to kids

      or maybe books for the library  

Write a comment: _____________


Your gift is also tax deductible to the limits allowed by the law as no goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution. We are 
a 501C3 non profit organization. 

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